Cheap flyers may be more popular than online adverts

A survey has found most people prefer print to online, which could mean cheap flyers are more likely to be read than digital adverts.

Cheap flyers may be more popular among consumers than digital adverts, after a survey found most people prefer print to online.

Print Week reports research commissioned by KPMG and carried out by YouGov revealed 86 per cent of respondents would rather consume media offline, with the most popular reason an inclination for reading physical copies.

David Elms, head of media at the auditor, said: "Despite the increase in the use of digital media, certain activities such as outdoor events, watching television and reading books and magazines remain hugely popular."

Therefore, old and new mediums will co-exist and develop together over time, he explained.

The report also revealed 68 per cent of people said they had read a book in the last month, a figure that rose to 72 per cent and 79 per cent for magazines and newspapers respectively.

It follows comments recently made by Grant Harrod, chief executive officer of Salmat, who told Print21 direct mail is one of the most valuable ways to communicate with consumers.

Published: 9th December 2010

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