Flyer printers could help Jeep's latest marketing campaign

Jeep is targeting drivers frustrated by the cold weather in a campaign that might involve cheap flyers.

Flyer printers could come in handy for Jeep in the company's latest advertising campaign.

According to marketing magazine, the firm is using print and digital adverts - which could include cheap flyers - to promote its Compact Jeep Patriot.

The campaign uses slogans such as 'Oh hello snow. I'd been hoping you'd stop by' to target Britons who have been affected by freezing weather conditions recently.

Naveen Dayal, marketing communications manager at Chrysler Jeep, said: "Our overall campaign is about a brand truth that Jeep drivers are happy drivers come rain or shine. The tone of our advertising is therefore fun and tongue-in-cheek."

The operation will run until December 22nd, with digital messages varying slogans according to current weather conditions in different areas.

Recently, Russell Parsons - writing for Marketing Week - stated direct mail needs to be used alongside digital channels in order to survive, a theory that is exemplified by Jeep's campaign.

Published: 9th December 2010

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