Flyer printers face 'price hikes' in the New Year

Reported paper price increases from European mills could affect flyer printers.

Flyer printers could see paper costs rise significantly in the New Year, it has been suggested.

Print Week reports Europe's mills have proposed "double-digit price hikes" that include an increase of up to £50 per tonne for coated mechanical papers.

Will Oldham, general manager at UPM, commented: "The picture on price increases is complicated but most of the activity is focused on publication grades."

In this area, rises vary from eight to 25 per cent, he explained.

However, the publication quoted a senior buyer as saying the mills are blind to the fact that the price increases "are out of kilter with the economy".

He criticised the mills for their "bullish" attitude, arguing they are showing a huge lack of understanding.

Flyer printers may also wish to take environmental issues into consideration when planning their finances, as a recent survey showed consumers are becoming more concerned about green credentials, according to Matt Counsell of McCallum Layton in a piece for Marketing Week.

Published: 10th December 2010

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