Flyers 'are one of the most effective ways to reach customers'

A new report has revealed direct mail services - such as flyers - are still key to marketing campaigns.

Direct mail services, such as flyers, continue to be a key aspect of marketing strategies, a new report has revealed.

A paper published by Experian concluded direct mail "remains one of the most effective methods for reaching customers".

It found 74 per cent of US households either read or scan these types of materials when they receive them, while business spending on direct mail is expected to increase by 0.7 per cent this year.

One reason noted by the company for the return to favour of direct mail is that other types of media have proved to be more difficult to measure or less effective for many organisations.

Materials such as flyers "can be more tangible than digital outreach and are constant reminders for the consumer", Experian observed.

Furthermore, the author of a piece for Lon's Article Directory recently stated flyers are an excellent way to spread the word about a firm and portray it in a positive light.

Published: 4th November 2010

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