Flyers 'can help develop lasting relationships'

Direct mail, including flyer printing, had a good year in 2010, it has been claimed.

Direct mail - the distribution of materials such as flyers - was a successful means of engaging consumers in 2010, it has been suggested.

Russell Parsons stated in an article for Marketing Week the UK economy has crept tentatively out of the recession over the last 12 months and against that backdrop, direct mail has had a good year.

The medium is characterised by its traditional attributes of targeting, response rates and accountability, he continued, noting companies have been using it consistently "to drive engagement and ultimately brands".

Mr Parsons stated the tactile nature of direct marketing "can help develop lasting relationships in a way that other avenues are not yet quite able".

He added all direct marketers strive towards "true engagement", which leads to or develops an existing connection with a customer.

Furthermore, Mike Welsh of Publicis Dialog recently remarked in a piece for the news provider materials such as flyers will not die out at the hands of digital advertising, because older people prefer this medium while younger individuals like direct mail products because they are tactile.

Published: 15th November 2010

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