Flyers 'need to be up to date'

It is important a company's flyers and other printed materials are up to date, one writer has claimed.

Flyers should be kept up to date in order to ensure firms continue to refresh their branding, it has been claimed.

Andrew Vincent wrote in an article for Business Day company owners should conduct their own brand audit, which involves reviewing the look of their organisation to ensure it is up to speed with the latest developments.

He advised bosses to look at their company as a customer would, by observing the outside and inside of their office objectively and questioning things such as the logo and whether staff are dressed appropriately.

Furthermore, individuals should check all of the printed material a consumer would receive, including brochures and flyers, to ensure the information they contain is current and relevant.

Mr Vincent's comments follow those of an unnamed author writing for Lon's Article Directory, who stated flyers are one effective way for entrepreneurs to reach out to potential clients when starting up a new business.

Published: 9th November 2010

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