Flyers 'need to compel recipients to keep them'

Direct mail - such as flyers - needs to play to its strengths if it is to compete with digital marketing, it has been claimed.

Flyers and other direct mail materials need to be as visual and dimensional as possible in order to be effective, according to one individual.

Michael Paladini wrote in a piece for The Digital Nirvana companies should play to the strengths of direct mail to ensure it competes with online marketing methods.

The digital age will not kill materials like flyers, but change them and force them to do what they do best, he said.

Direct mail's two key advantages over online advertising are that it is tangible and "it lends itself to sustained narrative", Mr Paladini remarked.

Therefore, firms looking to get the most out of their promotional materials should produce flyers that last and have a physical aspect that compels the recipient to keep hold of them, he continued.

Businesses may also wish to heed the advice of Russell Parsons, who recently commented on the need for flyers to be narrowly targeted to consumers in an article for Marketing Week.

Published: 7th October 2010

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