Printed booklets 'still a key part' of marketing

Businesses have been advised to ensure they use the correct channel when communicating with customers and not dismiss traditional methods in favour of the internet.

Businesses need to ensure they use the correct channel to communicate with their customers if they are to operate a successful marketing strategy.

Mike Hare of the British Marketing Survey was quoted by TSNN as saying the recent fall in marketing budgets revealed in last month's Bellwether report highlights the importance of operating through the correct channel, which may include the use of direct mail in the form of flyers or printed booklets.

"Marketers need to be very careful not to use the wrong channel to communicate with consumers," he observed, adding failing to do this can result in clients being alienated and marketing budgets wasted.

Karin von Abrams of eMarketer also noted that while the internet is growing in popularity, businesses should not exclude conventional methods from their marketing mix.

Mark Thomson of the Royal Mail recently noted direct marketing materials can be more successful than digital methods, as they have the advantage of being able to get the undivided attention of a potential client.

Published: 30th July 2010

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