Those using cheap flyers 'must understand importance of data'

An industry figure has highlighted the importance of data to the marketing sector.

Marketers - such as those who use cheap flyers - need to understand the importance of data, an expert has claimed.

Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive of global communications company WPP, told the Daily Telegraph consumer insight "is a big part of our revenues", accounting for £4.5 to £5 billion.

The publication noted in Sir Martin's case, the crucial data concerns what the world's shoppers are buying, noting there is a link between this and the way the advent of the internet has allowed the newspaper industry to see for the first time which articles and subjects are most popular with readers.

It also quoted Alexia Quadrani of JP Morgan Chase in New York as saying there has been a trend within the advertising industry lately that prioritises targeting and "to do that effectively you need data".

And direct mail materials such as cheap flyers could be the best way to achieve this, as Chris Combemale - executive director of the Direct Marketing Association - recently stated the method is effective due to its measurability and accountability.

Published: 23rd December 2010

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