Brochure printing 'key to successful marketing'

Firms looking to improve their marketing strategy may wish to invest in brochure printing, following suggestions from one individual.

Brochure printing is one of the traditional marketing methods that are crucial to any successful strategy, it has been claimed.

Randy Gerson said in a piece for Dynamic Chiropractic he recommends a marketing approach that incorporates a combination of media, materials and events.

Companies need an all-purpose brochure to complement their website and it should include a brief description of a firm's services and products, as well as testimonials and contact information, he stated.

"It is important to make the brochure versatile", Mr Gerson continued, proposing the use of a tri-fold format that can fit into an envelope, be distributed easily at events and placed in potential customers' display holders.

He also highlighted the value of direct-mail campaigns, which need to include an offer that appeals to an organisation's target consumer and interesting graphics.

Companies planning to use brochure printing may also be interested to hear recent comments from Leah Delaney in a piece for Lon's Article Directory, who observed bosses need to determine the purpose of a brochure before designing it.

Published: 20th October 2010

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