Brochure printing 'should complement other marketing tools'

Those using the services of brochure printers need to carefully consider how the items will be used.

Brochure printing needs to take into account a firm's overall marketing strategy, it has been claimed.

In a piece for Lon's Article Directory, Leah Delaney said brochures play a pivotal role in advertising a company and should complement other marketing materials.

The items should be handed out to prospective clients during meetings, sent as direct mail materials to increase people's awareness of the organisation and dispatched to customers who request more information about the firm, she explained.

Bosses ought to determine what purposes a brochure will be used to fulfil before designing it, as this will affect its content, Ms Delaney stated.

For instance, if it is to be used as direct mail it needs to contain comprehensive information about the company to increase clients' understanding of its products and services, she continued.

Organisations that make use of brochure printing services may also wish to include discs in their promotional materials, after a study carried out in cooperation with the Direct Marketing Association found direct mail that included a DVD or CD was more effective.

Published: 18th October 2010

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