Firms urged to make catalogues smaller

Companies using catalogues as part of their business model have been encouraged to reduce page counts.

Firms that rely on catalogues should ensure their printed booklets contain references to a website that the recipient can visit for further information.

This is the view of one marketing strategy expert Bill LaPierre, who was quoted on the Marketing Powers Activate blog as saying the items should also be smaller and be widely distributed.

He stated "most cataloguers are obsessed with the catalogue and aren't thinking about how it can be used to drive activity on the web", explaining reducing the amount of information in the items would not have a negative effect on the operations of print firms, as distribution rates would rise.

And Mr LaPierre urged printing companies to help businesses develop smaller books with less content, noting the expected boost in circulation may even increase the overall number of pages being produced by printers.

Such enterprises may also want to consider utilising flyers, which, according to a recent British Marketing Survey report, are gaining in popularity among consumers.

Published: 20th September 2010

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