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Epson launches new UK printer range

Published: 1st September 2010 - Azimuth Print News

Epson has launched a new UK printer range which it stated is perfect for small businesses.

UK printers to benefit from eco-friendly product?

Published: 31st August 2010 - Azimuth Print News

A new environmentally-friendly fabric could be of use to UK printers.

Staff 'need to be committed' to sustainable printing

Published: 12th August 2010 - Azimuth Print News

Company bosses need to make sure all of their staff are on board with any effort to make the firm more environmentally-friendly.

Moving to environmentally-friendly printers 'helps cut waste'

Published: 6th August 2010 - Azimuth Print News

One expert has advised companies to carry out an audit of their printing infrastructure.

Cutting costs 'is harming sustainable printing'

Published: 5th August 2010 - Azimuth Print News

Businesses have switched their focus from being environmentally friendly to cutting costs, it has been suggested.

Demand 'growing' for environmentally-friendly printers

Published: 30th July 2010 - Azimuth Print News

Printing firms are turning to environmentally-friendly options but still face some challenges to convince their clients to make use of the items, it has been claimed.

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